NOTICE – Street Closures for Seal Coating – June 22-23

This project is to take place at 7:00am on Thursday, June 22nd through Friday, June 23rd at noon, weather-permitting.

This seal coating will extend the life of the pavement we had installed last December.

The streets that will be impacted are Calle Avila, Camino Jalan, Calle Toledo, Calle Barcelona, a portion of Calle Mora and all Guest Parking Spaces.  Calle Toledo in Association #2 will not be seal coated, however the access to it will be blocked. 

AMS Paving will be seal coating these streets during the period mentioned above. The streets will be closed to all vehicular traffic during this time. Please have your vehicles moved by 7:00am on Thursday to an area that is not going to be affected. AMS will leave the entire area blocked off overnight on Thursday. On Friday the 23rd, they will also be restriping. If your vehicle is parked in the closed area after 7:00am on June 22nd, it will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Foot traffic will be allowed approximately 7 hours after application. When it is applied, the material will be shiny black and very slippery. When it becomes flat black, it should be dry enough to walk on.

If you decide to drive your vehicle on the streets within the project area during the 29-hour period of closure on Thursday and overnight, you will damage the new surface and possibly your vehicle. If this occurs, you will be liable for all of the costs to repair the streets and your vehicle.

Landscaping will turn off your sprinklers the day prior to the project and leave them off for the duration The streets have to be dry for this application. We need your full cooperation. If your sprinkler water runs onto the association streets and the job is delayed while they dry, then the Association will hold you responsible for the additional charges.

Also, do not rinse or wash down anything with any type of lquid across the asphalt surface during the 29-hour period on Thursday and Friday.

The streets and Guest Parking Areas will be available for use again after Noon on Friday the 23rd.

Thank you very much for your cooperation during this project.

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