Association Documents

All documents are in Adobe PDF format for universal readability.

Governing Documents

CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) [2007 Recorded]
Amended Restated Bylaws (Approved 12-22-2020)
Rules and Regulations – current/official
Rules (condensed version – please refer to official above for complete)
Collection Policy
Adopted Election Rules – 11/20/19

Architectural Guidelines

Windows and Doors (adopted 9-2019)
Screens, Retractable Screens, Security Doors, Mesh Screening Material (“Pet screens”)
Exterior Lighting
Variance Request Form
Paint Colors

Requests for the Association’s corporate records, including contracts and agreements, must be made in writing in a letter request mailed to or presented directly at White Star Management. The letter must state the name or approximate name of the document, approximate date of the document, and form that the document shall be presented. Documents may be reviewed at White Star Management, or you may request that a copy be made. Please view White Star Management’s schedule of charges in effect for making document copies. Davis-Stirling allows White Star Management to charge fees for photocopying. Electronic copies of records may be requested; White Star Management may charge for the time involved in scanning, encoding, watermark stamping and uploading for secure distribution (not through standard unencrypted email). White Star Management will inform you of the date by which your request will be presented to you. Members must agree to neither distribute nor post (physically or electronically) documents that labeled as Confidential. The records belong to the association and any misuse of records by a member may subject the person to legal action for injunctive relief and damages.

All of the above procedures are consistent with the current Davis-Stirling laws.