Board meetings are monthly, generally the fourth Monday of each month at 10:00am. Please check calendar for changes to this schedule, especially in Nov, Dec and Jan.

Board meeting agendas are posted on the bulletin board by pool 4.

Meetings are held by Zoom teleconference.  Click this link to join.
Or if on another device: Meeting ID 884 1076 5023. Passcode: 417122.
One-tab mobile +16699006833,,88410765023#,,,,*417122#

The annual membership meeting is held in March of each year.

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 Board Meeting
 Homeowner Meeting

Meeting Rules: No audio/video recording allowed by attendees. As provided in the “OpenMeeting Act,” members may observe the meeting but do not have the right to participate in the board’s deliberations or votes. Members may address issues during the open forum portion of the meeting. If attendees become disruptive, they may be expelled from the meeting and/or fined.

Open Forum: During the open forum, each attendee may address the board for up to three minutes. A director or manager may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed. Speakers must observe rules of decorum and not engage in other disruptive behavior. If a speaker is in the middle of a sentence when time is called, he/she may finish their thought before sitting down. The time guidelines ensure that others will have an opportunity to speak. Speakers may not allot their time to others. All persons must follow the Meeting Rules listed at the top of this agenda.