Results of Special Vote

Recently, two different homeowners requested architectural variances which requested conversion of a certain amount of common area (adjacent to their patios) to exclusive use common area (with enclosure). State law requires a vote by the Association membership on such variances, with very few limited exceptions; 66.6% affirmative vote is required to approve.

The results of the vote were tallied on a special meeting June 29th, 2017 at 2:30pm at the Desert Management office, with Anjannette Baca and Luis Garcia acting as Inspectors of Election.  Both variances were approved with the necessary 66.6% affirmative vote:

68349 Paseo Real: 42 Yea   5 Nay

68410 Paseo Real:  45 Yea   2 Nay

The Board thanks you for participating in the vote, and we are certain those who received approvals were very grateful.

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