Median: Hidden Improvements Quietly Being Completed

Everyone is anxious to see how progress is going on the median, so there’s always a little frustration when you still haven’t seen trees and plants go in! But rest be assured, our contractors are actually still hard at work on the median, focusing on the infrastructure.

Ralph and his guys (our gardeners, PinnAcle Gardening Company) dug a trench last month so that both new electrical and new irrigation could be run. Well, our lighting contractor has completed an entire new run of electrical conduit throughout most of the median islands (all except the tiny one). The stuff that was there from 1975 was certainly not up to today’s code and, frankly, was pretty scary! So now, we have a system that is to code and will easily accommodate the new LED lighting arrays and spots in their various locations. Plus it will also allow us to do a nice surprise at holiday time.

It’s now time for PinnAcle to install drip irrigation a few inches above (and isolated from) the electrical conduit. Because of the intense heat during several days in August, there are¬†delays here and there. But they are hard at work, and we should see this part of the work wrapped up in the next two weeks or so.

After this comes the super fun part…….planting! Our landscape architect Ron Gregory will be working with PinnAcle to adjust the planting plan as required. Stay tuned for this exciting and fast-moving phase!

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