Re-Paving in December

All of our streets (other than Paseo Real, which is maintained by the Golf Club) will be completely repaved between December 5 and 9 of this year. In years past (every 3 years or so), we have done only slurry sealing (which is akin to sealing crack and painting the asphalt black), but it is time now to dig up the streets and do a full resurfacing. Because of our careful balancing of reserves and monthly assessments over the past few years, this very expensive project can be completed without the special assessments that many other associations have to suffer.

There will be a few inconveniences during this period, and we will communicate with you prior to project commencement on the timetables, road closures and diversions and temporary guest parking changes (for the Calle Mora lot). We ask your patience during this time!

Paseo Real will not be repaved during this project, as it is maintained by the Golf Club, and they’ve indicated an inability to commit to such a project this year. (They are committing a half million dollars to re-roofing the clubhouse, among other things.) We are hopeful that they will be able to address the project in the 2017-2018 season. The road surface has deteriorated to the point where paving companies won’t even bid on a temporary slurry seal fix. We urge that you support the Golf Club with its business so that they money will be there to handle Paseo Real and other development projects.

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