Paseo Real road surface

While the Association will be repaving our interior roads shortly, Paseo Real remains a problem. Most of Paseo Real through Association 1 is maintained by the Golf Club, and is not the responsibility of the Association. Moreover, our bidding contractors have indicated that Paseo Real is beyond minor repairs and slurry sealing, and really should be fully repaved.

We are trying to work with the Golf Club to encourage their full repaving of Paseo Real. We are aware that they have many priorities, including an expensive reroofing of the clubhouse. However, Paseo Real and its quality of road surface is critically important to us and to the rest of the Main Gate associations, not only for aesthetics but also for walking and driving safety. If you incur any damage to self or vehicle due to the road surface, please report this to your insurance and to the Golf Club, and please copy this to the Association (via letter to Desert Management) .

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