The Ground is a Shakin’ and a Breakin’

The Board of Directors is in the process of approving the specifics on a variety of measures to improve the streets, sidewalks and driveways of the Association 1 common area. Careful management of our reserve funds have allowed us to plan for these significant improvements.

These improvements are planned for this fall, prior to the holiday season:

  • Our interior streets (Calle Avila, Calle Barcelona, Camino Jalan, and Calle Mora) will be ¬†completely repaved (as opposed to only sealed). Before this occurs, you will be given specific directions for your street as to how entrance and exit will be affected. We will try to minimize disruption of your travels as much as possible.
  • Various sidewalks in the common area that are severely cracked or uneven will be repaired. We want to ensure that sidewalks are smooth and without hazards.
  • Driveways have been inspected and ranked according to need-for-repair. Again, we are looking at eliminating as many hazards as possible, as well as the most unsightly driveway segments. Driveways that do not have immediate repair needs will receive their repairs in an upcoming year.

We will be sending out a newsletter in late September/early October giving a more specific schedule of all the above work so that you can plan accordingly.

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