Lighting improvements on the way

For several months, the Board has looked at various options for enhancing lighting within the Association. We wish to reduce consumption using LED technology, as well as to make lighting levels more effective.

We have replaced our walkway pagoda lights with LED lights in a sturdy long-lasting material that will not rust. We’ve also conducted sophisticated testing on our pole lights to see if immediate, short-term or long-term replacing is needed due to corrosion. In the next month, we will be replacing a couple of poles that have deteriorated significantly.

polelampTo raise the ambient lighting levels where pole lights exist, in July we will be replacing lollipop fluorescent fixtures with new LED fixtures that light the surrounding area more efficiently. For several months, a sample fixture has been in place near Pool 3 (visible from Paseo Real). You can compare this light level with that produced by the lollipop light a few yards east (also visible from Paseo Real).

We will no longer be using pole lighting in the median. This will be replaced initially by warm LED spotlights that highlight the trees and the rest of the landscape design. After these are installed, we will further evaluate the lighting level and will consider various options for additional lighting on Paseo Real.

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