Landscape Alert!

Homeowners and residents are to be reminded that we are in a condominium association, not a planned unit development, and that your building structure, patios, and all areas outside your unit are considered common area, and are under the control of the Association, per our governing documents.

This means that neither residents may not plant plants, flowers or trees in the common area, and this includes areas directly in front of and on the side of your unit. Moreover, residents may not cut or trim any plant or tree in the common area. This is considered trespass by the law that governs associations. There are financial penalties for violating this, including the payment of damages if a damaged plant must be replaced or a new plant or tree must be removed.

Our Association has a gardening company under contract, and they are responsible for executing all work with regard to our landscaping. The gardening company advises the Board of Directors on gardening actions, and final decision-making authority lies with the Board.

If you have questions or concerns about landscaping issues, including the desire for new trees or plants or maintenance issues regarding existing plants, please write a letter or send an email to Desert Management. Your concern will be logged and addressed in the subsequent Board meeting, or if it is an emergency concern, it will be addressed immediately.

By the way, your patios are considered exclusive user common area, which means that they are for your unit’s exclusive use but are regulated by the Association. Please review the CC&Rs and the Rules & Regulations on what you can plant in these areas.


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