Into the Light

If you have been following this web site and our board minutes, you’ll know that since 2014 we’ve planned to augment the current ambient light levels around the complex. Following the installation of the new median (with removal of the lollipops), we have wanted to have strategic spot lighting of trees and some facades on Paseo Real so that light can bounce off these items gently and increase the ambient light. We are aiming for the sophisticated look that one sees all around Palm Springs’ nicest neighborhoods and complexes.

If you’ve seen the approach taken on Tahquitz Way, you will have noticed that there’s lighting only on the median there. And throughout neighborhoods like Twin Palms and Araby, there is only tree and facade lighting. So the norm is very dark. We’d like to combine the two on Paseo Real so that we get the increased ambient light from that, without the ugliness of streetlights. “Too dark” in a condo complex like ours is not desirable, since people do walk their dogs and take strolls at nighttime.

We have taken several nighttime survey walks to see what we can add at a reasonable price to give us this increased ambient lighting. First on Paseo Real and with visitor parking spaces, and next with areas between and behind our buildings. We are looking at the numbers and how we make all this happen, hopefully this quarter.

We will be discussing this at today’s meeting. I’ll report to you the outcome of our discussion. Visit us today, or stay tuned to this blog.

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