Draconian water restrictions lifted

The State of California has eased the unprecedented tight water restrictions. This means we won’t have the horrible threat of severe penalties like we’ve had over the past year. (We did extremely well, even so, being rated EFFICIENT for the vast majority of the past year.)  This does not mean, though, that we can go back to our carefree ways. Water rates will be going up tremendously, and we are still charged with the responsibility of conservation.

The Board, with the assistance of the soon-to-be-formed Landscape Committee, will continue to examine ways of adapting our common area to more water-efficient landscaping. If you drive around the development, especially around the associations of the East Gate, North Gate and Date Palm Gate, you will see some incredibly beautiful work that mixes traditional grass with xeriscaping. Our goal is to create a colorful and interesting landscape while reducing water usage and its increasing costs.

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