Important Resident Reminders

  • Do not leave valuables unsecured on your patios. From time-to-time, there are thefts of everything from loose objects to patio furniture! Secure your furniture to something heavy so that it can’t be easily carried away.
  • Check your outside wall where the cable line enters the unit. Many of these have lost their original covers, or there might even be a hole next to the newer covers. Rats and mice can enter the building through these holes. An easy fix is to stuff steel wool inside these areas; vermin do not like steel wool and will not try to enter.
  • If you depart for the summer, here’s a wonderful article that discusses what to do to prep your home for a summer vacancy. Closing Up a Desert Home During the Summer  The article also discusses what to do with your plants, trees and pool, but please remember everything outside your unit (except for your patio) is handled by the Association. So apply these suggestions only to the plants in your Exclusive Use area.
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