Median Boulders and Trees Scheduled!

Now that the Paseo Real median’s new infrastructure (electrical and irrigation) has been completed by PinnAcle Gardening and approved by RGA Landscape Architects, the next phase of the Median Rejuvenation project has been scheduled and is about to start.

Starting September 22, a variety of Hickory Creek Boulders will arrive at the development, and cranes will be lifting them into place on the median. These boulders will be placed on each island in a predetermined position, and will be partially submerged into the dirt.

Our trees should be coming in around the same time. Recall that we will have a lovely assortment of trees and palms, including mediterranean fan palms (Chamaerops Humilis), willow acacias (Acacia Salicina), and yellow oleander multi-trunks (Thevetia Periviana). We will have replaced our original 30 palms with 41 trees and palms. Our landscape architect will review all planting locations prior to actual planting.

Stay tuned for new progress pictures next week!

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