Landscaping no-no’s

We would like to remind all residents that, while you are responsible for landscaping within your Exclusive Use Common Area (that’s your patio behind your gates, and subject to CC&R rules on placement and height), you are prohibited from trimming, cutting, pruning or maintaining in any way anything that is outside the walls of your unit (separate interest). Residents are allowed to pick fruit from our fruit trees for personal (non-commercial) use.

The Board understands that residents have concerns regarding landscaping, and if you would like your concerns to be addressed, please call Desert Management or write a letter or email to the Board, and your concern will be addressed during the next scheduled meeting (or handled as an emergency, if it indeed can’t wait until the next board meeting).

The CC&Rs are very clear on this subject. Section 2.2.2 and other provisions in Section 2 prohibit homeowners and residents from performing any landscaping activities or interfering with landscaping personnel. The Association maintains professional landscaping and gardening contractors, and it is solely their responsibility to perform maintenance activities.

Anyone who performs these activities is violating the CC&Rs and committing trespass. Full enforcement of these CC&R provisions will be offered, including fines, penalties and other legal remedies.

Again, if you see any landscaping condition that concerns you, please refer it to the Management Company or to the Board for action.

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